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K-State fans, why do you like Bruce Weber?

We asked one side of the opinion. Now, it's the other side's turn to speak.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Late yesterday, I asked why some K-State fans hate Kansas State Wildcats head coach Bruce Weber. It has been an interesting situation to watch a general level of disconnect turn to recent unequivocal disdain.

After I asked that last night, though, there were more than a few folks who wanted to point out that they do, in fact, support what Weber has done in his three years, including the way he has chosen* to part ways with several players and start anew.

*When a student-athlete handbook says you gots to go, the head coach's wishes or desires no longer apply. Maybe he wanted Marcus Foster, Malek Harris and Tre Harris all gone. Maybe he only wanted some of them booted. Point is that Weber's feelings on the matter don't matter; only stated policy does.

In any case, here's your chance, other side. Tell it loud and proud because, honestly, this might be one of the few places or times you get to shout it out:

Why do you like Bruce Weber as your head coach?