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K-State fans, why do you hate Bruce Weber?

Let's just get it all out right here, shall we?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State Wildcats head coach Bruce Weber broke a long silence on Wednesday as he met with the media. Many fans wished he would have said more. Others wished he would have said less. Most of you, regardless of which side of that thought you fall on, are able to unite on the sincere wish he wasn't your head basketball coach.

Without getting lost in the impossible tangles of a 15-17 season peppered with player egos; athletic department policies vs. coach's decisions; a coach's inability to lead vs. players unwilling to listen; etc., explain it.

There's something about Weber that allows many K-State fans to forget all about "family" and "support" and "K-State way" and replace it with something resembling a slightly sharper "GTFO."

What is it?

Why do you hate Bruce Weber unlike any K-State coach has been hated maybe ever?