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K-State Sports Bracket - Regional Finals

The K-State Sports Bracket enters the Elite Eight

Michael Bradley/Getty Images

Only eight competitors remain in the K-State Sports Bracket. While round 2 featured a number of close calls, none of last round's matchups were particularly competitive. Thus each of our remaining contestants is riding some pretty heavy momentum. Lets take a look at who's left.


(1) Ernie Barrett vs. (2) Tex Winter

Barrett picked up 67% of the vote in his clash with Lon Kruger, moving into the regional final with little trouble. Winter's third round was only slightly tougher, ultimately prevailing over Mitch Richmond with 63% of the vote. I doubt many of our readers have personal memories of these two during their stints in Manhattan, but their reputations are iron-clad. I'm anxious to see how this one plays out.


(1) Bill Snyder I (1989-2005) vs. (7) Darren Sproles

Snyder continues to (predictably) steamroll his opponents, this time humiliating Tyler Locket with 95% of the vote. Meanwhile, Sproles pulled his second straight upset by an impressive margin, taking 75% of the vote against Michael Bishop. Ever the underdog, Darren now faces his largest challenge yet. Can he unseat the wizard twice in the same tournament?


(4) Jim Colbert vs. (10) Erik Kynard

Colbert met with eighth-seeded Nicole Ohlde in the third round, and it honestly looked like a trap game to me. I apparently underestimated the seasoned golf pro, as he took a comfortable victory with 62% of the vote. He now must face Kynard, a man who's on fire after taking 75% of the vote against Suzie Fritz.


(1) Bill Snyder Family Stadium vs. (2) The Powercat

BSFS earned its spot in this round after taking two-thirds of the vote against the Wabash Cannonball. On the other side of the bracket, an abstract drawing of a cat head defeated a human being with a cat head by a 60%-40% margin. The result is a matchup of K-State Athletics' prize facility against its most recognizable emblem. So, do you value a great atmosphere, or brand recognition?

Your Turn

To coincide with the real-life Final Four, we're bringing you the next set of matchups on Saturday. So get your votes in now! Carpe ballot box!