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K-State Slate: 4.1.15 - Fantastic News Items

Could it be true?

Return of the Klein?
Return of the Klein?
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff P. and I tag-teamed second part of the K-State sports bracket regionals, and Jon went solo on his thoroughly done basketball tournament, Monday edition.

Some outstanding news for everyone not named Joe Hubener: Collin Klein has been granted extra year of eligibility due to a paperwork error (wait, what day is it?). As you could guess, this reshapes the entire Big 12 race next year in a big way, even sparking some discussion about the Wildcats possibly unseating Kansas as the undisputed pre-season favorites.

Apparently they're still giving out football awards, because Tyler Lockett won the Jet award for football's top return man. It's another great honor for the record-setting receiver, but it's a shame that it had to be named after a Nebraska player.

Read Sean Keeler's 2014-2015 basketball season's appropriately named "exit interview". But however horrible the season was, it deserved a passing grade in his eyes, depending on what school you go to, that is. He also divulges his 2015-2016 outlook and doesn't exactly make it sound like a cool C-.

After our out-flux of basketball players, perhaps Bruce-y Bruce could peruse this top ten transfers list compiled by ESPN. Luckily for us there are still two people supposedly better than Marcus Foster.