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Open Game Thread: Kansas State at Texas

Final game of the season. Let's hope the 'Cats can finish with a win.

We're gonna miss you Nino.
We're gonna miss you Nino.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports
Sat, Feb 7, 2015
3:00 PM CT
Texas (18-12, 7-10 Big 12) at Kansas State (15-15, 8-9 Big 12)

A roller coaster regular season comes to a close today, as Kansas State heads to Austin, to take on the Longhorns of Texas. This game will be that much harder to win for Kansas State, as Nino Williams, and Jevon Thomas will miss the game, as announced yesterday.

If Kansas State somehow does manage to win this game, they are assured the Sixth seed in the Big 12 tournament. If not, then they will fall to the Eighth seed. Basically a win today secures a first round bye, while a loss means playing again on Thursday against TCU.With that rundown, it's time for the tip. Let's grill up some Bevo for an early dinner. Let's Go Cats!