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K-State Slate: 3.4.15 - The Great Bubble Debate and Football Ticket Sales

John Currie laughs at your sales benchmarks.

To pass, or not to pass...
To pass, or not to pass...
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The great bubble debate rages on, this time with Kellis Robinett taking a view from both sides of the argument. It is an interesting debate with valid arguments on both sides (perhaps in more bulk for the nay-sayers), but it all becomes wasted conversation if the Wildcats revert to the poor playing that has gotten them on the wrong side of the conversation to begin with.

Posted in the comments of the slate yesterday and reposted here for redundancy, a cool panorama from the Kansas game last Monday. Tag yourself if you were in Bramlage that Monday night, or visit the link to relive the glory days if you haven't made a visit to Octagon in a while. Bonus points if you can find the gentleman that is sleeping.

Season ticket sales started on Monday, and for the fourth consecutive season. This beat out last year's first day record by over 600, with the new benchmark is now at 4,958.

Read a handwritten letter from coach Snyder about how much he appreciates everyone of us, that he somehow managed to write perfectly parallel to the top and bottom edges of the page.

The Lady Cats ended the careers of three seniors in dramatic fashion, coming from behind to win by four after a 26-8 second-half rally.