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K-State Sports Bracket Regional Semifinals - Part 2

The dark horse regions get their time in the sun.

Willie the Missle-cat
Willie the Missle-cat
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Semis move along in part two, with the miscellaneous and non-revenue regions taking the center stage. Don't forget to vote for the two most popular sports in the part one of the Regional Semis and fantasize about what could have happened had a particular seven-seed and three-seed been in the backfield at the same time.


(1) Bill Snyder Family Stadium vs. (5) The Wabash Cannonball

For the second round in a row, The Bill cruised past its opponent, this time dispatching Wyatt Thompson with 96% of your votes. Sorry, Wyatt. The Wabash Cannonball had a bit of a struggle with Willie's K-S-U chant, but pulled away with 67% of the responses, which brings us to our current position.

Bill Snyder Family Stadium is undeniably a fantastic atmosphere, but how different do you think it would be without the energy of the Wabash Cannonball? It only takes up a small fraction of the total duration of a football game, but it is a defining tradition that is a large part of what makes football games so much fun. Plus, it's got basketball and baseball season on BSFS.

(2) The Powercat vs. (6) Willie the Wildcat

The Powercat took care of business dispatching Eric Stonestreet with 86% of the vote, and Willie made the clock strike midnight on 14 seed Ahearn Fieldhouse with a majority 64%.

Willie was around long before the Powercat came to fruition, but after its inception, Willie's look was never the same. The mascot's head was redesigned in the Powercat's image, incorporating the lines around the mouth and the angry ear fold. So do you prefer the 2-D rendering of the wildcat, or the 3-D rendering of the 2-D rendering protruding out of the body of a physically-fit college student?


(4) Jim Colbert vs. (8) Nicole Ohlde

In the context of a golf round, 88 is a poor score for a pro like Colbert. As a percentage of total votes, 88 is a beatdown, which is exactly what Colbert did to Priscilla Gary in round 2.

Colbert's opposition is Ohlde, who took 54% of the vote away from DeLoss Dodds. This makes Dodds the first 1 seed in the bracket to fall. Now, in all honesty, DeLoss did a lot of great things for Wildcat athletics. But as someone who played a major role in nearly relegating our beloved university to the Mountain West Conference, an early exit should come as no surprise.

(3) Suzie Fritz vs. (10) Erik Kynard

Fritz took 70% of the vote against Kenny Harrison to move into this round. Opposite her is another Olympic jumper, Erik Kynard. Kynard's clash with mentor Cliff Rovelto was the closest of the round, ultimately ending with a 52%-48% margin. Given Kynard's jumping prowess, do you think Fritz could coach him up on the volleyball court? I bet he'd make a good outside hitter.

Your Turn

We plan to have the next round ready for you by Thursday, so the time to act is now. Be voteful and multipl(e choice-if)y