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K-State Sports Bracket Round 2 - Miscellaneous

Round two cuts your options in half.

I have this same jacket.
I have this same jacket.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The first round was pretty cut-and-dry, right? This bracket is the easiest to pick, right? Yeah, well this round you get to pick between a radio announcer and a concrete structure, a B-list celebrity and an abstract art-piece, and a man in a cat hat and a volleyball arena. Good luck, #$&%ers.

Also, don't forget to put in your two-cents in for round two of non-revenue, as well as basketball and football.

(1) Bill Snyder Family Stadium vs. (8) Wyatt Thompson

It's to be expected that the 1 - 16 matchup has the largest margin and the eight - nine matchup the narrowest. I guess that means I'm really good at seeding, because The Bill beat Tointon by the widest margin (98%-2%), and Wyatt Thompson beat Stan by the narrowest, winning over 56% of you.

Now Wyatt has the task of going up against the place responsible for the largest assemblage of people in the state of Kansas. He's only one man, but if anyone outside the athletic department has the knowledge and know-how to take it down Splinter Cell-style, look no further than Mr. Thompson himself.

(4) Willie's K-S-U Chant vs. (5) The Wabash Cannonball

Willie's Chant cruised through the first round, defeating EMAW 87%-13%. The Wabash also won handily, capturing three-quarters of the vote. So while Wildcat Victory and EMAW have to sit at home until next season, these two K-State staples will duke it out.

This is the most apples-to-apples matchup in this post with both options relying heavily on crowd involvement. But it's tough to choose between the unique genre of enjoyment each bring. The K-S-U chant gets you psyched to see a never before seen football game unfold then all warm and fuzzy after a score; the Wabash is more of a blissful, uninhibited kind of joy. So which elation is more your style?

(6) Willie the Wildcat vs. (14) Ahearn Fieldhouse

Ahearn channelled it's inner LaSalle and pulled the 14-3 seed upset. Giving Bramlage a taste of it's own medicine, it garnered 66% of the populous vote. Willie sent Touchdown to his grave, 88%-12%. Now Willie goes into his old realm to relive the basketball glory days.

(2) The Powercat vs. (10) Eric Stonestreet

The concept of this matchup is outrageous, but we must move forward with it anyhow.

Despite the undeniable coolness of the Wildcat head, 94% of you said the Powercat was superior. I doubt as many of you would say that if you suffered from visual agnosia.

Eric Stonestreet's fame proved to be too much for Weird Robert's infamy. Our third closest margin and second upset of the first round went by a tune of 69% to 31%.

It's on to this round for these two, and I'm really not sure what to say them. One is undeniably more "K-State", the other is undeniably more well-known on the soccer-mom circuit. I doubt you needed more items to fill out your compare and contrast graphic organizers, but add two more to your list.