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K-State Sports Bracket Round 2 - Non-revenue Sports

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Round 2 of the K-State Sports Bracket rolls on, this time bringing us action from the Non-Revenue Region. As a reminder, round 2 is already underway in the Basketball and Football Regions, and voting is still open for round 1 in the Miscellaneous Region.

Coming into the second round, track and field rules the region with half of the remaining participants. Rounding out the field are two women's basketball players, one golfer, and one volleyball coach. The round 2 matchups are as follows:

(1) DeLoss Dodds vs. (8) Nicole Ohlde

Top seeded Dodds bested his former coach Ward Haylett in the first round, taking 79% of the vote. Ohlde was also matched against a familiar face in the first round, earning a narrow victory over Kendra Wecker with 54% of the vote.

(4) Jim Colbert vs. (5) Priscilla Gary

Champion golfer Colbert took his first round matchup with trailblazing baseball player Earl Woods by a 86%-14% margin. Gary was the winner of another battle of former basketball teammates, taking 68% of the vote against Tammie Romstad.

(3) Suzie Fritz vs. (11) Kenny Harrison

In a first round matchup of net sport standouts, Fritz took 69% of the vote to prevail over tennis star Petra Niedermayerova. Meanwhile, Harrison took the round's tightest race by earning 52% of the vote against fellow Olympic medalist Thane Baker.

(2) Cliff Rovelto vs. (10) Erik Kynard

We have yet another student-meets-master clash here, as track coach and high-jump whisperer Rovelto faces off against his most famous pupil. Rovelto was victorious in the first round against baseball coach Brad Hill, taking 68% of the vote. Kynard had no trouble dispatching fellow Olympic medalist Austra Skujyte, being selected on 90% of the ballots.

Your Turn

In some of these inter-sport matchups, it's going to be hard to judge the relative merits of the participants. Nevertheless, this is the task you now face. Four spots in the Sweet Sixteen are up for grabs, who do you think deserves them?