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K-State Sports Bracket Round 2 - Football

Voting continues today with the next round in the Football Region.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Today's edition of the K-State Sports Bracket takes us back to the Football Region for the start of round 2. It's time to decide which of your favorite gridiron stars will advance to the regional semifinals. If you've missed any of the action so far, please have a look at Basketball round 2, as well as the round 1 of the Non-revenue Region. Round 1 of the Miscellaneous Region has been suffering from some technical issues, but we swear it's coming out soon.

The surviving competitors in the Football Region skew far younger than those from the Basketball Region. In fact, each of the remaining participants has taken the field in Manhattan in the last 20 years. As a result, the memories of these participants are much fresher in out minds, which ought to cultivate more interesting discussions down in the comments. Let's take a look at round 2's matchups.

(1) Bill Snyder I (1989-2005) vs. (9) Mark Simoneau

Snyder I predictably walked all over Veryl Switzer in the opening round, taking 99% of the vote. Meanwhile, Simoneau took down fellow CFB Hall of Fame linebacker Gary Spani in round 1, garnering 61% of the vote. Simoneau was a great player, but it's hard to see him pulling the upset against his former coach.

(4) Terence Newman vs. (5) Tyler Lockett

Who wouldn't love to see these two lined up across from one another on the football field? The coming NFL season may give us that opportunity, but for now we'll have to settle for this second round clash. Newman got here by easily dispatching Jaime Mendez in round 1, picking up 93% of the vote. Lockett's road was a little tougher; his first round matchup with fellow record-breaking receiver Jordy Nelson was the closest battle in the region. Lockett ultimately prevailed with 60% of the fan vote.

(3) Michael Bishop vs. (6) Collin Klein

Here we have the final match in what we might call the "Quarterbacks Sub-regional." In the last round, Bishop amassed 80% of the vote to take down Steve Grogan, while Klein's 69% knocked out Lynn Dickey. We're left with what I consider the most intriguing matchup of the bracket so far. Unquestionably the best signal callers of the Snyder eras, each led his team agonizingly close to a BCS National Championship Game. So, who do you pick? We've been having this debate for a few years now, it's finally time to settle it.

(2) Bill Snyder II (2009-Present) vs. (7) Darren Sproles

Snyder II also had an easy go of round 1, though not as easy as I had anticipated. Kicker Martin Gramatica managed at least twice as many votes as I expected, though he still dropped the round to the Wizard, 82%-18%. Sproles, on the other hand, barely broke a sweat against David Allen in round 1, taking home 98% of the vote. This could be an interesting matchup, as Sproles is a big-time fan favorite. Has the legendary coach done enough since returning to the sidelines to hold off his former pupil?

Your Turn

Alright, you know the drill. Who will you choose?