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Introducing the BOTC K-State Sports Bracket

Who is BOTC's favorite Kansas State sports figure? Help us decide!

Not trying to sway votes here, but the guy is kind of important.
Not trying to sway votes here, but the guy is kind of important.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every year around NCAA tournament time, the web is flooded with brackets intent on crowning everything from the best 90s rock band to the best late-night dining option. Starting today, we'll be unveiling our own bracket filled with K-State sports personalities. Reader votes will determine who wins each match up.

Our bracket is divided into four 16-person regions, with one region apiece for basketball, football, non-revenue sports, and miscellaneous (ancillary figures who may not participate in games, but are nonetheless closely associated with K-State sports). The winners of each region will enter the final four, where the ultimate champion is crowned.

Below you'll find our proposed schedule, planned to mirror the progression of the NCAA tournament where possible. Each poll will stay open until the next round in its region begins. So be on the lookout, and happy arguing!

Poll Publish Date Close Date
Basketball Round 1 Thursday, 3/19 Sunday, 3/22
Football Round 1 Friday, 3/20 Monday, 3/23
Non-rev Round 1 Saturday, 3/21 Tuesday, 3/24
Miscellaneous Round 1 Sunday, 3/22 Wednesday, 3/25
Basketball Round 2 Monday, 3/23 Thursday, 3/26
Football Round 2 Tuesday, 3/24 Thursday, 3/26
Non-rev Round 2 Wednesday, 3/25 Friday, 3/27
Miscellaneous Round 2 Thursday, 3/26 Friday, 3/27
Basketball Semifinal Friday, 3/27 Monday, 3/30
Football Semifinal Friday, 3/27 Monday, 3/30
Non-rev Semifinal Saturday, 3/28 Monday, 3/30
Miscellaneous Semifinal Saturday, 3/28 Monday, 3/30
Regional Finals Tuesday, 3/31 Thursday, 4/2
Final Four Friday, 4/3 Sunday, 4/5
Championship Monday, 4/6 Wednesday, 4/8