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Bring On The Cats Official Tournament Challenge

Time to see which one of us can make the best guesses.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

It's time to forget about the fact that Kansas State failed to make the tournament. Now is the time to answer the question: "Who can pick the best NCAA Tournament bracket?" Or more likely "Whose the best at randomly selecting teams based on: color, mascot, city, that friend you once had who lives in Kentucky but screw them because they never came to your wedding so you'll never pick Kentucky for anything..."

Sorry, about that. Got a little carried away. Anyway, since we have unofficially changed our name to Bring on the Lumberjacks, we expect each and every one of you to have them winning in the first round. If not you'll be voted out of the Lumberjack camp, and no one wants to be voted out of the Lumberjack camp right? Right.

So, if you're ready, check out BOTC's Official Pick'Em and sign up to compete against your fellow commentators from Bring On The Cats. The password is "botc2015". If you win, you can brag about it all year long. If you don't, well the odds were against you anyway.

Editor's Note: This year's challenge is for bragging rights only. No actual prizes will be awarded