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Texas at Kansas State: Open Game Thread

It's now officially do-or-die time, as the Wildcats really can't afford to lose at home.

Stop that man. And his friends.
Stop that man. And his friends.
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports
Sat, Feb 7, 2015
3:00 PM CT
(25) Texas (14-8, 3-6 Big 12) at Kansas State (12-11, 5-5 Big 12)

Nobody's very excited about this, I suppose. But there's still hope kicking around in Bramlage. Faint hope, like smelling your neighbor's cinnamon rolls or buying a Pick 3 ticket, but there you have it.

The prodigals have returned to the practice floor, but whether they'll be unsuspended -- or even see action if they are -- remains to be seen. For now, all we can do is hope that Rick Barnes and his charges do what they do so well in important Big 12 games: lose the plot.

Make no mistake: a loss today, and it's over. You'll have nothing to look forward to until the Big 12 tournament, because there's no way the Wildcats' miniscule bubble hopes can survive a home loss now to anyone not wearing blue and red.

So on that depressing note... Go Cats!