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Open Game Thread: Iowa State at Kansas State

Time for Senior Day.

I bet it was Georges Niang who rejected our gift.
I bet it was Georges Niang who rejected our gift.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports
Sat, Feb 28, 2015
8:00 PM CT
(12) Iowa State (20-7, 10-5 Big 12) at Kansas State (14-15, 7-9 Big 12)

Thomas Gipson. Shawn Meyer. Nino Williams. Today will be the final time they suit up for a game in Manhattan unless K-State ends up hosting games in the NIT... or CBI... ugh. So we hope you're actually not reading this thread and are instead at Bramlage screaming your fool head off.

We've been reminding you all week of this, and we're not going to stop. On Monday, the Wildcats gift-wrapped a beautiful and very thoughtful present for the Cyclones. They promptly took it outside, threw it in a puddle of mud, and stomped on it. Such insults cannot be forgiven. The Cyclones must pay, even though they're still in position to steal the regular season title from that school down the river. Let Oklahoma have it, I say. Beat the Clones. GO CATS!