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Satire, failed imitation and K-State "tradition"

Satire isn't for everyone, readers and writers alike.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Lord have mercy, what a stupidly fun day Wednesday was around this place. Thank you, TB, for brilliantly reminding us that sports conversations can be fun, and should be most of the time.

- The best satire is simple, smart and dead-on in its fictitious depiction of life, and your work spurred a lot of great conversation ... and a not-so-great attempt at a response piece from a KU-something.

- It's said imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. That may be true, but only when the imitation is quality.

- But hey, you can only lead a horse to water ...

- Biggest takeaway from the whole thing: Satire, sadly, isn't for everyone, readers and writers alike.

- And those kids ... yeah, it's okay to leave them behind.

- It might be time to leave behind some of the "tradition" that continues to surface at rivalry games.

- Before you get defensive (if I'm talking to "you"), hear me out ...

- Since 2008, K-State is 4-4 at home against KU. The Wildcats are 3-2 in Bramlage Coliseum against the Jayhawks since 2011.

- I love me a good court-storm, but it's not as cool when it gets overused.

- And, nobody wants to be a cliche.

- Also, I'm definitely not adverse to a well-placed F-bomb... sometimes excessively.

- Take driving behind a really slow, left lane vehicle, or a terrible run on the blackjack table, for example.

- But, national TV showcasing K-State fans collectively screaming it? Not just the past few years, but for decades, from what I've read through comments in various places.

- I'll just say this: Typically, you create your own stereotype.

- If you can live with that, own it, and have at it.

- But whatever you do -- and I'm looking at you, TB, -- leave innocent Sandstorm out of this.