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K-State Slate: 2.24.15-The Wildcats Storm Past The Jayhawks.

Kansas State gets a huge win, but controversy abounds.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since the 1981-82, 1982-83 season's Kansas State has a home winning streak over the Kansas Jayhawks. Our very own BigE recaps the madness, while TB had a little commentary on the court storming that took place following the win.

Anyone whose anyone knows Kansas State upset 8th ranked Kansas last night, so without further ado here are the recaps from around the web:

Topeka Capital Journal (Ken Corbitt)

Lawrence Journal-World (Matt Tait)

Rock Chalk Talk (PenHawk)

The Kansas City Star (Rustin Dodd)

The Kansas City Star (Kellis Robinett)

The Wichita Eagle (Bob Lutz)

The Collegian (Tate Steinlage)

SBNation (Ricky O'Donnell)

Whew. Okay now that you have wasted most of your morning, here are your other basketball hot takes.

Let's start with the article that had everyone questioning Thomas Gipson's commitment to the team. (Ken Corbitt, TCJ)

Here was Gipson's response to the report, posted right after the KU victory:

It appears obvious to me that Gipson's remarks have been taken out of context and that he was not throwing his team under the bus.

The player who stepped up to lead the team to victory was not one you might expect, as back-up point guard (should be starting now) Nigel Johnson stepped up to inspire the Wildcat upset. (Kevin Haskin, Topeka Capital-Journal)

Pan's worst nightmare has come true, as Vahe Gregorian explains just how badly Bruce Weber needed this victory over KU. (Because we all know beating KU is the end all be all for the Wildcat season).

Bill Self got crushed (Rob Dauster NBC Sports), Bruce Weber was pissed (Rodger Sherman SBNation), and Jamiri Traylor got "chickenwinged". And because of all that it is now overshadowing the victory and that's a bad thing. (Sean Keeler Fox Sports KC)

As someone who as part of the '06 field storming after the Texas upset, and the '08 storming after we finally beat KU, I understand the rush and thrill of storming the court and I generally have no problem with doing so. However, I can understand the stance that your security people should get the other teams players and coaches off the playing surface safely and quickly.