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Time to Recover From the Crazy Weekend

Football was crazy enough this weekend, but more important things are happening at our old frenemy to the east.

One final tuneup for Mittie's squad
One final tuneup for Mittie's squad
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

In light of on-going issues "around the country", Vice President for Student Life Pat Bosco issued a letter this morning to the K-State community to re-affirm K-State's positions regarding "respect, human dignity and social justice", as well as to commit to making those ideals as important as ever at Kansas State University.

Well, lets jump right in to what happened around the sports world since Saturday morning. First, here at BOTC JeffP posted his amazing College Football Transitivy Rankings, and Jon followed with the "actual" voted-on rankings. In K-State news, Baseball tickets go on sale Monday 11/9 (today). Finally, the big news from the weekend comes from Missouri, where the football team has decided to show solidarity with on-going on-campus protests.

First, our condolences to the Mississippi State family for the loss of Keith Joseph Sr. and Jr. who were killed in a car crash Friday night. Joseph Jr. was a freshmen defensive end for the Bulldogs, and Joseph Sr. play for the Bulldogs from 1989-1992.

Brandon Chatmon at ESPN lists K-State as 9th in his Big 12 Power Rankings, and really that's no surprise as the Wildcats are one of two teams without a conference win. Jeremy Crabtree at ESPN reports the very unwelcome news that Texas offered K-State early-enrollee Zach Shackelford during his unofficial visit to Austin this weekend. This is disconcerting from a regular recruiting prospective, but becomes even worse knowing that if Shackelford flips, after signing his aid paperwork with K-State to enroll early, that K-State could be hit with a recruiting violation: because early enrollees get to spend more time in contact after signing, if they later flip it's an NCAA violation on the original team, for spending too much time in contact. (h/t Jon Morse)

Former K-State RB and Redskins great Larry Brown returned to Manhattan, for the first time since he was drafted, last Thursday to attend the K-State/Baylor game and came away impressed at how much K-State has grown.

The K-State women's basketball team hosts Pittsburg State tonight at 7pm in Bramlage Coliseum to wrap up their exhibition schedule. The game will be broadcast on Cox Channel 22 in Kansas, as well as K-StateHD.TV

The VolleyCats extended their winning streak to four, and 7 of their last 8, after sweeping Texas Tech Saturday night in Ahearn Fieldhouse. Their next match is against Oklahoma on Wednesday in Ahearn, the Cats swept the Sooners in Norman earlier this year.