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Thanksgiving and Black Friday College Football TV/Streaming Schedule

Eat, take a nap, watch football. The American Dream.

Texas taking on their eternal rival Texas Tech on Thanksgiving Day, a tradition like no other.
Texas taking on their eternal rival Texas Tech on Thanksgiving Day, a tradition like no other.
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrims. You've gorged on food; now it's time to gorge on college football. While, presumably, stuffing yourself with leftovers. What a great holiday.

Only two games tonight, and they are in competition. One of them will be a blowout, which means we'll probably all be focused on the desperate attempt by Texas to become bowl-eligible. We probably shouldn't make fun of them for that.

Friday starts early and doesn't stop. It's just like a normal college football Saturday, just with a much smaller set of options. In the morning slot, all eyes will be on ABC for the monumental clash between Navy and Houston. The winner claims the American Athletic Conference western division title. You might want to keep half an eye on Western Michigan at Toledo though, as that will settle the MAC-West. Marshall will also be visiting Western Kentucky to decide the CUSA-East title.

The afternoon gets underway an hour early with Missouri at Arkansas, then the normal 2:30 slot features a game in which most people will be holding their noses while rooting for Nebraska. The Pacific Northwest rivalry games are on line as well, with the Apple Cup at 2:30 and the Civil War at 3.

The evening slot features Baylor at TCU, which is not nearly the momentous occasion it was supposed to be a month ago. C'est la vie. But it's still important; Baylor definitely has a shot to sneak into the playoff if things break right.

We hope you enjoyed your holiday dinner, assuming you partake early in the day like sane folk. This also serves as your open thread for tonight's games; we'll see you tomorrow.

Thu, Nov 26, 2015
6:30 PM CT
(rv) South Florida
7-4, 5-2 AAC
at Central Florida
0-11, 0-7 AAC
6:30 PM CT
Texas Tech
6-5, 3-5 B12
at Texas
4-6, 3-4 B12
Fri, Nov 27, 2015
11:00 AM CT
Miami (FL)
7-4, 4-3 ACC
at (rv) Pittsburgh
8-3, 6-1 ACC
11:00 AM CT
9-2, 6-1 CUSA
at (rv) Western Kentucky
9-2, 7-0 CUSA
11:00 AM CT
(16) Navy
9-1, 7-0 AAC
at (21)Houston
10-1, 6-1 AAC
11:00 AM CT
Western Michigan
6-5, 5-2 MAC
at (24) Toledo
9-1, 6-1 MAC
11:00 AM CT
Kent State
3-8, 2-5 MAC
at Akron
6-5, 4-3 MAC
Eastern Michigan
1-10, 0-7 MAC
at Central Michigan
6-5, 5-2 MAC
1:00 PM CT
3-7, 2-4 SBC
at Georgia State
4-6, 3-3 SBC
1:30 PM CT
5-6, 1-6 SEC
at (rv) Arkansas
6-5, 4-3 SEC
2:30 PM CT
Oregon State
2-9, 0-8 P12
at (18) Oregon
8-3, 6-2 P12
2:30 PM CT
(20) Washington State
8-3, 6-2 P12
at Washington
5-6, 3-5 P12
2:30 PM CT
(3) Iowa
11-0, 7-0 B10
at Nebraska
5-6, 3-4 B10
2:30 PM CT
Boise State
7-4, 4-3 MWC
at San Jose State
5-6, 4-3 MWC
3:30 PM CT
2-9, 1-6 MAC
at Buffalo
5-6, 3-4 MAC
6:30 PM CT
(7) Baylor
9-1, 6-1 B12
at (15) Texas Christian
9-2, 6-2 B12
7:00 PM CT
5-6, 2-5 AAC
at Tulane
3-8, 1-6 AAC