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College Football Transitivity Rankings - Week 12

If the transitive property determined playoff participants, these guys would be in.
If the transitive property determined playoff participants, these guys would be in.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It's time once again to see how the Transitivity Rankings rate the FBS field. If you're new here, you'll probably want to check out the season's first post for explanations. Otherwise, let's check out this week's rankings.

Since our last check-in, the group of transitive elites has downsized considerably. Clemson, Iowa, Notre Dame, and Navy remain a cut above the rest, owning transitive victories over all teams below them, and losing only games among themselves. Of these four, Navy's spot is the shakiest. As the Midshipmen lost earlier this year to Notre Dame, and the Irish have a loss against Clemson, a defeat for any of these three will send Navy tumbling in the rankings.

For the first time this season, the Big 12 is missing entirely from the transitive upper class. You can blame Texas for this; if the Longhorns hadn't beaten Oklahoma last month, then OU, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Baylor would all rank in the top 8. As it stands right now, the SEC has established itself as transitive top dogs. The conference holds the next four spots in the rankings, plus four more teams in the top 20.

Interactive path finder

Curious about your team's transitive victories? Wanna see them displayed on a map? You've come to the right place! The interactive path finder lays out the shortest path of victories between your favorite team and any of your rivals.

The longest path on the map today is 16 games long. You can see this by selecting one of Idaho, North Texas, or SMU as the winning team, and selecting Pittsburgh as the loser. If you switch the path criterion to shortest distance, your longest path is a 12,000+ miler between Idaho and Houston.