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Bring on the Podcast with WRNL's KnowDan

Our friend KnowDan from Iowa State's SB Nation site joins us to talk Farmageddon, the precarious coaching positions at both schools, and finally, some college basketball.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa State and Kansas State have a lot in common this season. Losing records, an inability to hold onto a second-half lead against Oklahoma State, and some nearly inexplicable offensive playcalling, among other things. KnowDan from the great Wide Right Natty Lite heard plenty of familiar complaints in a frustrated rant from our own BracketCat, which even included the suggestion that if the rest of November goes poorly, John Currie might suggest to Bill Snyder the time has come to hand over the reins once again.

The situation is a little different in Ames, where KnowDan says only a ridiculous contract would keep Paul Rhoads at the helm after a third straight dismal season and even that might not be enough. These Cyclones have some talent, including a talented wide receiving corps KnowDan says must be taken seriously. He also noted K-State should be able to run to the outside on the Iowa State defense, which probably means it won't be attempted. You know, because they'll be expecting that.

Really, this podcast just features a lot of mutual commiserating until we get to the basketball section at the end, so be prepared for somewhat of a damper on your day. Sorry. Hopefully you'll still enjoy it in some way, and thanks for listening. Be sure to follow KnowDan on Twitter at @WRNLKnowDan and as a programming note, we might not have a podcast during Thanksgiving week. Stay tuned, and we'll definitely be back to preview the season finale against West Virginia.

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