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Bring on the Podcast with Matt Wilson

We welcome back one of our favorite guests to talk Kansas State-Baylor, convince ourselves the 'Cats can win in Lubbock, question the methods of Jeff Long, and so much more.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

It's always a blast when we talk with Our Daily Bears part-time contributor Matt Wilson, and this week was no exception. Along with KSUEmaw, we rehashed the loss against Baylor without getting into any fights, then moved on to this Saturday's game at Texas Tech. Matt believes Kansas State can win, though admittedly Lubbock can be a scary place to play. For the record, we did not give Dudebro credit for a victory over TCU in 2013, his only Big 12 win against teams other than Kansas, Iowa State and West Virginia.

While Matt showed he's fully capable of dropping knowledge and sharing valuable insight, the best reason for you to listen to this podcast is probably to enjoy his wit and pure sports hate when it comes to things like TCU and the College Football Playoff committee. You can also learn why he's terrified of Baylor's game at Oklahoma State, what he liked about Duke Shelley, and how we all feel about McDonald's and Taco Bell.

As always, be sure to go read stuff from all the great folks at Our Daily Bears and follow Matt on Twitter @mattisbear.

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