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CFP Rankings: Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame. Beyond that? Garbage

They actually got the top four right. Then they lost the plot.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The second iteration of the College Football Playoff rankings have been released, and the committee's already being lambasted from pretty much all corners of the nation except for South Bend and Iowa City.

The top four -- Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and Notre Dame -- are actually right in line with the overall consensus of the computers, as reflected in the Massey Composite Rankings. If that consensus held through the top ten, nobody would really have a justifiable complaint right now, as Oklahoma State would be fifth and Baylor seventh with still plenty of room to score big points.

Except... that's not what happened. The committee offered the absolutely ludicrous assertion that Iowa has two top-25 road wins as justification for ranking the Hawkeyes fifth. Well, I suppose that's true: a miserable and embarrassing 10-6 win against #25 Wisconsin and a win over a team which has the distinction of being the most over-rated team in the CFP, Northwestern.

So Oklahoma State should be sixth, right? No. Baylor is, and the only reason that's not a travesty is because Baylor should be seventh. Seventh is Stanford, who should be sixth. Eighth? We finally find Oklahoma State. LSU and Utah round out the top ten.

And then there's TCU. They don't really matter that much, but their treatment calls the entire system into question. You see, TCU fell further than Michigan State... after TCU lost to unbeaten Oklahoma State while the Spartans -- after already having survived one loss due to a miracle -- lost to 3-6 Nebraska. This was an utterly indefensible move by the committee, and anyone who defends it loses any shred of credibility to ever discuss this topic in public again.

It's nearly unfathomable how the committee's criteria could be such that they got the top four teams "right" in comparison with the computers, and in the right order... and then so completely blew it from that point onward. But they did, and here we are. Here are the rankings; we're not including last week's position or deltas because really, who cares. What we are including is the computer composites for the top 25, color coded: the greener they are, the more overrated the committee has them, the redder the more under-rated.

Clemson 9-0 1 1
Alabama 8-1 2 2
Ohio State 9-0 3 3
Notre Dame 8-1 4 4
Iowa 9-0 5 10
Baylor 8-0 6 7
Stanford 8-1 7 6
Oklahoma State 9-0 8 5
LSU 7-1 9 8
Utah 8-1 10 13
Florida 8-1 11 12
Oklahoma 8-1 12 9
Michigan State 8-1 13 15
Michigan 7-2 14 14
TCU 8-1 15 11
Florida State 7-2 16 24
Mississippi State 7-2 17 20
Northwestern 7-2 18 27
UCLA 7-2 19 25
Navy 7-1 20 16
Memphis 8-1 21 21
Temple 8-1 22 26
North Carolina 8-1 23 17
Houston 9-0 24 19
Wisconsin 8-2 25 23