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After K-State/OSU officiating gaffe: Enough's enough, Big 12

We laughed at Texas last week more because it was another example of Big 12 officiating absurdity. This week brought a new wave of terrible. Time to address it.

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First, TB wins the Internet, again, for his excellent recap of what everyone now has seen regarding the officiating mishap during the Kansas State Wildcats' 36-34 loss at Oklahoma State.

Now then ...

No, the nearly 4-YARD mistake didn't cost K-State a win -- ridiculously conservative offense through the second half and the defense's inability to stop third-down conversions mostly took care of that. But, yes, Big 12 officials again left a 4-yard excretory trail mark in their bed.

Big 12 officials again left a 4-yard excretory trail mark in their bed.

One week is an accident, but major gaffes in straight weeks by two different crews isn't enough time to air out the sheets, and years of stink has become unbearable to everyone not named Big 12 Coordinator of Officials Walt Anderson or Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby.

It's time for a real explanation, and not just for the past couple of DERP-ed weeks. For all of it.

Explain why we are constantly given reasons to remember Mark Mangino's "dollar signs," why former Texas Tech pirate Red Raiders head coach Mike Leach once was compelled to call the Big 12 during a game to complain (and was fined $10,000), or why Iowa St. Cyclones athletic director Jamie Pollard was fined $25,000 for speaking up just last year about wanting to see improved Big 12 officiating instead of excuses and apologies. Or, if that all isn't enough, tell us what a replay official can or can't do, exactly, since nobody really understood what happened during the Baylor Bears and West Virginia Mountaineers game in 2014.

On the replay note, explain why sometimes it is a replay guy or two who bears the brunt of broken processes. Separately, please do tell why you haphazardly enforce "sportsmanship policy" through public reprimand on inconsequential people like band directors, but you say or do nothing when fans throw bottles at teams on the field. I'll stop short of calling your actions hypocritical, but what gives?

The entire conversation - from leadership to officiating - is at a point now where you need an answer stronger than "a few mistakes were made."

We're tired of knowing after each weekend that Walt is going to have to pull an answer out of his ... hat ... come Monday. That no longer cuts it.

Look, overall, this isn't about any specific team getting the short end of the stick ... because they've all, including Texas at this point, been affected in some fashion ... or even about acknowledging errors. It is about your broken group, Bob and Walt. Schools and fans across the conference don't want to keep pointing out massive system/procedural flaws like replay not being used as it should, or first-down markers inexplicably moving 12-15 feet. Bottom line is they want the massive incompetence to stop.

Enough's enough, Bob and Walt.

Stop being parody-worthy* and clean your bed.

*Present company excepted, @big12refs. You are hilariously funny. Don't ever leave us. And, a final note: In the course of this piece, we pointed out examples of how Texas, K-State, Oklahoma State, Iowa St., Texas Tech, Kansas, Baylor and West Virginia all have had games affected in situations that led to later comment or action by the Conference. That leaves Oklahoma and TCU. Well, you can find examples here for the Sooners regarding player ejections and the Frogs with questionable sportsmanship things. And, there you have the entire Big 12 covered. Isn't that nice?