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Delton Returns!

Alex Delton returns to the practice field, while two defensive stalwarts are out for the season.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Our fearless leader reported the news that both Danzel McDaniel, and Dante Barnett are done for the year.

Luke and Jon joined forces for their weekly FEPO discussion, in which Luke tries to extend his lead on Jon.

Bill Snyder believes Kansas State can salvage the season, but understands that in order to do so, the coaching staff, and players need to be more mentally prepared. (Joel Jellison, The Manhattan Mercury)

Even though Snyder confirmed that both McDaniel, and Barnett are lost for the season, he did announce Alex Delton's return to the practice field. With struggling QB play it would be nice to have Delton as another option. (Kellis Robinett, The Wichita Eagle)

It's not a moral victory, but there were some things Kansas State did well against Texas. Specifically, the defense in the second half, and Charles Jones having the best game of his career. Building on those positives will go a long way to turning around the season. (Ken Corbitt, Topeka Capital Journal)

Finally, in NFL news, the Seahawks apparently love former Kansas State players, as they just signed former Wildcat (though we hardly knew him) Bryce Brown.