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Bring on the Podcast with Barking Carnival's nobis60

One of our friends from Texas' edgiest SB Nation site tries to give us an idea of what Longhorns team we'll see this weekend and assesses Charlie Strong's status with fans at the moment.

If Jerrod Heard gets into space, K-State's defense will be in trouble.
If Jerrod Heard gets into space, K-State's defense will be in trouble.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

After all the hand-wringing and possibly a little crying that went on last weekend, we tried to laugh a little and mostly stay focused on the next Saturday rather than the previous one in this week's podcast. Fortunately, nobis60 from Barking Carnival made it easy, providing Bracket Cat and I with some humor as well as valuable insight on how Texas' offense might attack the 'Cats, why the Longhorns' defense has made such drastic improvements, and much more.

We also compared Ron Prince to Steve Patterson, entertained the idea of putting Collin Klein on the field, and laughed at the special teams ineptitude of Michigan and the Indianapolis Colts this past weekend. Have a listen and don't forget to check out the great work at Barking Carnival, including Scipio Tex's smart preview of Kansas State and the "Hump Day Nooner" with Jon Morse.



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