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Bill Snyder: Beyond Questioning, Plus a Magic Jersey?

Should K-State fans question HC Bill Snyder, plus Dominique Heath's magic jersey.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Sager of Heartland College Sports asks the question many Kansas State fans struggle with, Is it fair for Kansas State fans to second guess Bill Snyder?

On Saturday the Fox team got great video of the jersey swap that takes place every time Dominique Heath goes back on punt return, and both Dr. Saturday at Yahoo, and SB Nation took an in depth look at the mechanic's Heath's jersey switch.

Both OU and K-State come into Saturday's upcoming game having suffered disappointing losses the previous week. While I have strong doubts that Kansas State will do much this Saturday given previous histroy, Eric Bailey of the Tulsa World takes a closer look at the history of Kansas State, as both OU and K-State look to bounce back.

Lastly, to put a close on the TCU loss, Kellis Robinett has three thoughts on the game, and his number one thought probably won't surprise you much.

Justin Edwards struggled last season making the adjustment from Maine to Kansas State, as the level of play was much more intense than he was used to playing. This season, however, he's made the adjustment to Big 12 play and expects to be a much more effective scorer for this team, writes Ken Corbitt of the Capital Journal.