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Bring on the Podcast with the Tulsa World's Bill Haisten

One of Oklahoma's most experienced sports voices is very impressed with this season's Oklahoma State team -- but he knows better than to underestimate Bill Snyder.

Bill says certainly will be a test of resiliency for OSU's young quarterback.
Bill says certainly will be a test of resiliency for OSU's young quarterback.
Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Tulsa World sportswriter Bill Haisten has been doing this job long enough (25+ years, in fact) to know when one team has more talent than another, and he's surely not the only one to make that observation about Oklahoma State relative to Kansas State. The Cowboys have a fast, athletic defense, a great young quarterback, and a whole host of highly capable big play receiver. But Bill has also been covering the Big 12 conference long enough to know few coaches, if any, can close a talent gap more effectively than Bill Snyder, so you won't hear any prediction of a blowout in this podcast.

Instead, you'll hear a fairly glowing review of Mike Gundy's team, despite a somewhat fluky win over Texas last week. Yes, we touched on the officiating and conspiracy theories, and we spoke about the depth of this year's Big 12, including Bill's surprising No. 2 team in his latest power rankings. We even threw in a little local flavor with some discussion of Tulsa Union High School alum Justin Silmon, and you'll like Bill's latest update on Tyler Lockett's 12-year-old twin brothers.

Be sure to read all of Bill's pregame, in-game and postgame stories on the Tulsa World's website, and if you want to hear him talk more, head on over to the Sports Animal, which is 96.1 FM if you live in the Tulsa area, 97.1 FM and 1470 AM in the Grand Lake/Vinita area, where Bill is part of the rotation of journalists who join Al Jerkens and Pat Jones weekdays from 11-2. He also appears frequently during the morning drive on the Oklahoma City Sports Amimal at 98.1 FM. You can also follow him on Twitter @billhaisten.

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