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K-State Slate: 1.28.14 - Stifling Defenses Equals Turnovers

Bob Huggins brings us poor free throw shooting.

He's probably not used to seeing high-def in Bramlage.
He's probably not used to seeing high-def in Bramlage.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

'Twas a busy day at the BOTC yesterday. BracketCat gives us an update on our RPI standings, then the charming Luke Thompson made a graced us with his presence in a vocal masterpiece, then capped off our night reccaping last night's loss.

As you might have heard, our very own Men's basketball team fell short last night in a game that was pretty mind-numbing. Fox Sports relays the AP report from the Little Apple.

Kellis Robinett brings us his version of last night's performance, complete with quotes from performers and coaches on both sides. He also provides some short tidbits of information, in which Malek Harris talks about playing basketball, and the West Virginia players brown-nose the crowd.

The ESPN Big 12 blog shines their improvement spotlight on our beloved school, and in an astounding revelation, Jake Trotter says our running backs need to improve next year. But it's not all negativity, he does propose a way to improve: have a running back that runs better.