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K-State Recruiting: National Signing Day is Upon Us

We are officially two weeks out from one of the biggest days of the football off-season. Today begins our lead-up to the big day.

We're all ready to find out who the next great Wildcat will be.
We're all ready to find out who the next great Wildcat will be.
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National Signing Day is now only two weeks out. K-State football fans generally don't have too much cause for excitement, as most commits are well-known before the day and there are few is any big surprises, but it's still good to take a look at what this day could mean for the future of K-State football.

Overview of the 2015 Class

As of today, this class boasts 15-17 prospects (depending on Rivals or ESPN lists). There are currently (Rivals/ESPN) 1/1 QB, 1/3 RB, 1/1 WR, 0/1 TE, 4/3 OL, 2/4 DL, 3/3 LB, 1/1 DB, and 2/0 ATH either signed or ready to sign with the Wildcats in two weeks. This is obviosuly a pretty diverse class, and the difference in position listings indicates that several players could easily be put in several spots in college.

This class has three early enrollees (guys already signed and on campus) in QB Alex Delton, RB Alex Barnes (both from the Sunflower State), and DE Joshua Little. Both Delton and Barnes are Top-10 players in the state, and having all three already on campus gives them a chance to get in on very important spring workouts and practices.

There is one big name to watch according to Rivals. Duke Shelley is the star of this class, being listed as a 4-star DB by Rivals, who has him ranked as the #230 player in the country and #21 in his position. ESPN has Barnes and Shelley ranked as the top two, but not one 4-star among the group.

So far, this class only includes one JUCO recruit, which is a stark contrast to the last 15 years or so of Bill Snyder and K-State recruiting. HOF HC Bill Snyder has generally relied upon the JUCO's, especially the ones in Kansas's Jayhawk Conference, for players that have been pre-seasoned and are generally more D1-ready than the average HS player. Either this staff is really happy with the HS athletes they've recruited, or they are really happy with current roster make-up, or both, but it is still quite a shock to regular K-State recruiting followers to see so few JUCO transfers on the recruiting list.


In the next two weeks we will recap all our current signees/commitments, as well as look out for any new guys that may announce before February 4th. Be sure and stay tuned to BOTC as we follow K-State recruiting on the run-up to National Signing Day!