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The 2014 Annual Bring on the Cats Fan Stats

Some people have some explaining to do in their annual employee reviews...

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We start the ball rolling with the numbers for the Most Fan Posts Contributed. These are stories about random things, brought to us by anybody and everybody who fancies putting a story together! We had several amateur scribes try their hand at this in the past year and even had quite a few promoted to staff members. (I'm still not exactly sure what Jon was thinking there, but I don't get paid the big bucks to make those types of hard decisions). Without further ado your top ten Fan Post writers:

havard22  --  1

MrHappyMushroom  --  2

Jeremy Sharpe  --  3

GTcat & Sean T  --  4

wildcat00 & EveryCatAWildman --  5

jeffp171  --  6

PervisPascosTravellingCircus -- 7

And the gold star award goes to:

KSUEMAW!  --  13

Our next category shows who could do more with less. The Most Fan Shots' award honors those commentators who came up just a bit short in the word department but still had something to share with the rest of us! This group contributed little bits of the interweb or life that piqued their interest and, by sharing, piqued the interest of others. Your nominees for Most Fan Shots are:

BracketCat, nugget1224, & Razdad  --  1

Wildcat00  --  2

jtarkman & MrHappyMushroom  --  3

Derek Smith  --  5

Curtis Kitchen  --  6

KSUEMAW!  --  24

And while KSUEMAW! made a valiant attempt to claim his second star this year, his attempts paled in comparision to our winner

Jon Morse  --  44

And for the top honors of the year, and also the list of the members that should probably NEVER let their employers near this article, we have the award for Most Comments! This is the category that shows who has a clean home (ha!) and maximizes their time at work (or is lucky enough to make this their job).

EveryCatAWildman  --  2313

Panjandrum  --  2426

Furnace76  --  2918

SeanT  --  3160

TB  --  3288

jtarkman  --  3296

KSUEMAW!  --  3897

wildcat00  --  4550

2.1 seconds left  --  4871

Clearly, we had several worthy contributors and several heroic efforts, but nothing compares to the might of our benevolent dictator!

Jon Morse  --  5758

Also, this list proves I failed spectacularly at my 2014 resolution to be the top commentator.

So there you have it: The 2014 Annual Bring on the Cats Fan Stats!

Ed Note: My personal disclaimer: if any one on this lists finds their pay docked because they were not working last year, it is certainly not my fault.