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2015 Preseason Conditioning

Big 12 Week 11; Coastal Carolina to Sun Belt

You'd think we planned the Big South preview for today's news, wouldn't you?

Picking the Big 12: Week 11

Last year's Walter Payton Award winner is back. Hi there, Villanova. You're pretty.

Picking the Big 12: Week 10

We're now into the realm of televised football, and your very tired despot gets a relative break today.

FOOTBALL TODAY and Big 12 Week 9

Y'all. You made it. The offseason is officially over.

Picking the Big 12: Week Eight

K-State vs Texas. Which BotC staff members are guilty of thoughtcrime?

Picking the Big 12: Week Seven

In which the Boss will be accused of treason.

Picking the Big 12: Week Six

Whither Isaiah Riddle and D'vonta Derricott? In here, that's where.

Picking the Big 12: Week Five

What does out staff thing about K-State/Oklahoma State? Find out!

Picking the Big 12: Week Four

Wherein we check in on one Daniel Sams.

Dickinson State 17, MSU-Northern 7

Ah, football. We missed you.

College Football Starts TODAY: How to Watch!

Don't let anyone tell you there's still two weeks to go until college football. There's college football tonight.

Picking the Big 12: Week Three

We're still calling for a Big 12 team to lose a non-conference game even though Kansas is idle!

Picking the Big 12: Week Two

Our staff mostly agrees on everything, but there's conflict over the Battle of Iowa.

Picking the Big 12: Week One

Looking for predictions? Our staff has you covered - if you can trust them.

Top Five Post-Mortem

You all had thoughts on our lists. We've got some of our own, after the fact.

K-State Top 5: Special Teams

We conclude the series with a look at the kickers and punters and really fast dudes.

K-State Top 5: Quarterbacks

We hope the wait was worth it. You're probably going to be mad.

K-State Top 5: Running Backs

You know who #1 is, but what about the rest?

K-State Top 5: Wide Receivers

Just exactly how many Locketts did we pick?

K-State Top 5: Tight Ends

Picking the top five tight ends: not an easy task for our staff.

K-State Top 5: Offensive Linemen

Our staff had a lot of options to pore through, and some really good linemen missed the cut.

K-State Top Five: Defensive Line

Our panel of experts face their first real challenge.

K-State Top Five: Linebackers

Picking the top five linebackers wasn't too difficult.

K-State Top Five: Defensive Backs

We dig around in our staff's brain pans for rankings!

What if K-State hadn't hired Bill Snyder?

May as well ask "What if you stopped breathing?"

Just Say No to Alternate Uniforms

We rustle around in the ol' mailbag again, and we're appalled.

"Purple Wizardy" = "Your Players Stink"

Stars matter, but that doesn't mean two-star players aren't talented.

The Best Game Jon Ever Attended

Lighter fare today from the mailbag as we climb the dark side of humpday.

KU Fans: "We'd have better football without KSU"

Because your basketball is apparently that important.

Why do Schools Move to FBS?

We hit the mailbag, which dovetails with recent rumblings.

The Greatest Drive in K-State History

We dip into the mailbag today as we continue getting ready for football.

Mike Leach wants a 64-team playoff. Um, no.

Apparently this has been the week for Dumb Coach Ideas.


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