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Liberty Bowl Halftime: Arkansas 24, Kansas State 13

The struggle is real.

Winston Dimel has the only Wildcat touchdown.
Winston Dimel has the only Wildcat touchdown.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

After a fantastic start, things have lurched closer to expectations in Memphis, as Arkansas leads K-State by eleven at the break.

Elijah Lee picked off Brandon Allen on the first possession of the game, and the Wildcats marched down quickly, scoring on a 10-yard Winston Dimel dive to take a 7-0 lead. But K-State hasn't seen the end zone since, settling for a pair of Matt McCrane field goals, while Arkansas has run the ball in for scores three times.

Worse, Allen has thrown for 202 yards already, although without throwing for a score. Alex Collins is closing in on 100 yards, and the K-State defense seems mostly helpless in the absence of Will Geary and Duke Shelley. Things improved toward the end of the half, though, and maybe they'll adjust at halftime.

Kody Cook got the start; he's been not-great at 7-17 for 61 yards. The Cats have run the ball reasonably well, however, getting 73 first-half yards.

A scary moment saw Arkansas receiver Dominique Reed stretchered off after a hit by Sean Newlan. No update there yet.

Thirty minutes to go. Time to stand up.