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2015 Big 12 Media Days: Texas Longhorns

"If those other 76 can do what we want, why can't those other 9?"

Charlie Strong can probably still survive a mediocre season, but the Longhorns have to show progress.
Charlie Strong can probably still survive a mediocre season, but the Longhorns have to show progress.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Regretfully, a few questions were missed during the Texas session due to cloudy weather cutting out my satellite, for which I would apologize except I don't control the weather.

Charlie Strong opened by bringing up last year's suspensions, noting that he never likes to show a player the door, but being part of a team requires putting the team ahead of your own desires.

Ben Kercheval opened the questioning, asking what Strong wants to see from his quarterbacks in competition. Strong talked about how every great quarterback he's been around has had great teammates surrounding him (including, unfortunately, bringing up Aaron Hernandez).

Asked whether the team is mad about the end of last season, Strong's response was somewhat muted, but did acknowledge that there seem to be more guys stepping up to be leaders this summer.

A follow-up was about what sort of body language Strong looks for and was seeing. He said the players understand, but didn't quite answer the question.

Asked whether the suspensions and rule changes have changed the culture in the locker room, Strong first praised Mack Brown, and then said it wasn't so much that a change of culture was needed but that individual players needed to get on board. He pointed out that 76 guys did last year, why couldn't the other nine?

Strong was asked if he thought it was fair for schools to block transfers to a graduating student as happened when Everett Golston was denied a transfer to Texas... he didn't really answer.

Next was a strange question about the "office tigers", and don't ask me, man, I don't even know. Something about tiger cubs, which are now "where they need to be".

Kirk Bohls asked how big a barometer the season opener at Notre Dame will be for the season as a whole. Again, Strong didn't really answer the question, instead talking about the game itself and what a challenge it will be.

Quarterbacks question next, on what it would take for Jerrod Heard to overtake Tyrone Swoopes. Another non-answer.

Tim Griffin asked about the SEC's new rule barring signing players who've been dismissed for violent incidents. Strong personally approves of that policy, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. "I'm all into giving guys second chances, but I want to give my own guys second chances. I'm not interested in giving someone else's guys a second chance."

To close, Strong was asked -- if quarterback play is up to par -- whether he's got a 9-3 team or a Big 12 champion. Obviously, he declined to predict.

And that closes out our coverage of the Big 12 coaches' press conferences. Keep an eye on the Slate tomorrow for more reactions and analysis from around the media, and we'll try to have a post-Media Days wrapup (including, hopefully, Luke's annual translation of Bill Snyder's session).