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2015 Big 12 Media Days: Oklahoma Sooners

"We'll let it play out."

Bob Stoops faces his lowest expectations in years.
Bob Stoops faces his lowest expectations in years.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

I don't even know what happened, but Bob Stoops opened with a lengthy discourse during which I literally nodded off for a second. He basically rambled through his entire one-deep, barely taking a breath, without really saying much.

The first question asked Stoops if the program was where he wanted it right now. He responded by talking about winning the Sugar Bowl and his seventeen-year career, basically patting himself on the back.

Stoops was next asked why Joe Mixon's still on the team in light of his violence against women. Stoops claimed that he takes the issue seriously, and that players don't get that second chance with him unless they meet very exacting standards.

Kellis Robinett asked about Bill Snyder. Stoops highlighted Snyder's attention to detail, determination, and wisdom. He also noted that being part of turning around the programs at both Iowa and Kansas State with Snyder helped him at Oklahoma.

The hiring of Lincoln Riley was the next topic, and Stoops was asked about bringing in a spread coach to try and play catch-up to a trend he himself started with Mike Leach. He indicated it's been a struggle to get back to that sort of offense.

Stoops was then asked about Baker Mayfield's shoulder and reports of shoulder fatigue, as well as the competition with Trevor Knight. Stoops says Mayfield is healing up just fine, and compared them by noting Knight is faster, but Mayfield does move well, and that they're actually very similar.

Chip Brown popped up with a "talk about" question regarding the Oklahoma defense. Stoops expects the most growth from the secondary, but otherwise reiterated comments from his opening statement.

Samaje Perine and losses on the offensive line came up next. Stoops says Perine's actually lost about five pounds in the process of bulking up in the weight room, and that the new guys on the offensive line have been doing good work since the spring.

Stoops was asked if he thought Oklahoma might run the ball a lot more than any other Big 12 team, or even more than Oklahoma has in the past. He indicated he wanted good balance.

Asked to compare the Mayfield/Knight battle with any prior competition, Stoops declined to pinpoint a particular pair of quarterbacks, saying that just like every other year, "We'll let it play out."

In the final question, Stoops was asked if he thought it was his job to prepare players to be drafted or to win football games. He said that if you do one, you're likely to do the other.