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2015 Big 12 Media Days: Texas Tech Red Raiders

"We've got to GET to the red zone more to begin with."

Does Fred Hoiberg's departure mean Kingsbury pictures are the new fanservice?
Does Fred Hoiberg's departure mean Kingsbury pictures are the new fanservice?
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The final press conference of the day belonged to Kliff Kingsbury. He had no opening statement, and the first question was a definite broadside: he was asked if he had any regrets about the Baker Mayfield fiasco. He doesn't, and he wishes Mayfield well. For 11 games.

Asked about defensive coordinator David Gibbs, Kingsbury expressed some excitement over the progress of the defense. A follow-up inquired as to whether that excitement was due to new schemes, new formations, or just player development. Kingsbury said it was pretty much all three, so expect to see some new wrinkles from the Red Raider defense.

Another question about the defense involved what the staff tells defensive recruits about a school that's had six coordinators in six years. Kingsbury pointed to Gibbs' resume, including his NFL experience.

Chuck Carlton asked about the quarterback competition, and what would make the difference. Noting the horrible turnover stats from the quarterback position the last two years, Kingsbury said the competition would hinge on who takes care of the ball better.

Asked to speak to Lincoln Riley, a former teammate now coaching at Oklahoma, Kingsbury said he thinks he's going to do a good job there.

Ben Kercheval followed up on the turnover discussion, and Kingsbury reiterated his comments. Another follow-up asked whether the competition was going to extend into the season; he said he intends to name a starter in camp and go with him, acknowledging that may change as circumstances warrant.

Kingsbury was asked how much work was being put into red zone offense, and he noted that the Red Raiders need to get to the red zone more often.

Asked what makes good air raid quarterbacks similar, Kingsbury said extending the play was the biggest factor, although being able to get through reads quickly is also a benefit.

The next question was about the wide receiver corps. Kingsbury said the receivers started looking better the last three games last season, and he's hopeful that carries over into 2015.

DeAndre Washington was the topic of the next question, and Kingsbury seemed optimistic that Tech will be more proficient running the ball than in previous years.

The next question got a smile from Kingsbury, as he was asked about the chemistry between high school teammates Pat Mahomes and Dylan Cantrell. He seems to appreciate their connection, although obviously that won't mean much if Mahomes isn't the starter.

Out of state recruiting was the next topic; Kingsbury said that they had to go out of state his first two years, but the staff is trying to focus more on Texas at present.

Berry Tramel asked what a victory over Arkansas would mean for the Red Raiders. Kingsbury said he didn't think they were ready last year for the physicality of the Razorback squad, and will be more ready this year.

Kingsbury was next asked if he'd be quicker with the hook if either Davis Webb or Mahomes is struggling for a series or two. He doesn't anticipate making any rash decisions.

There were a lot of good questions for Kingsbury, in contrast to his relatively quick appearance last year. Of note: nobody asked Kingsbury about the new practice contact rules, indicating that the reporters may have given up on it as a story.

That wraps our coverage for today. Tomorrow, look for Baylor, Oklahoma, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, and Texas, as well as the rules interpretation briefing and appearances by Bill Hancock and College Football Foundation president Steve Hatchell. The CFF administers the College Football Hall of Fame, so that brief appearance may be of interest.