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2015 Big 12 Media Days: Kansas State Wildcats

"I favor a 12-team conference, I favor two divisions, and I favor a championship game."

The Big 12 media now has an official hall-of-famer to deal with.
The Big 12 media now has an official hall-of-famer to deal with.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Snyder got the old jokes out of the way with his first sentence on the podium before thanking everyone under the sun, as is his usual practice, and then got into questions.

The first question was regarding the seven quarterbacks on the roster. Snyder says four of them are reasonable candidates for the starting position at this time, and one can presume he means Alex Delton, Joe Hubener, and Jesse Ertz, as well as specifically acknowledging Jonathan Banks.

Kevin Haskin asked about the new practice contact rule. Snyder says that the new rule doesn't affect K-State, as it matches what K-State's needs are. Whether that means "current" or an adjustment is an open question.

Berry Tramel asked about expansion, acknowledging Snyder's advocacy for a championship game. He wants a 12-team league, divisions, and a title game, because it suits the needs of K-State.

Snyder was asked about how special the K-State fanbase is and how important they are to the football program's success. He spoke about K-State's struggles when he arrived, and about how K-State almost had to leave Division I-A, a situation which was averted by the fanbase itself. (He failed to take credit; it's disingenuous to pretend that Snyder's insistence on support and facilities didn't cause the fanbase to buy in to the program.) Earlier, Matt Leinart had mentioned standing on the sidelines watching K-State beat USC twice; Snyder discussed how USC people had called Manhattan the most intimidating place they'd played.

Kellis Robinett asked about Dante Barnett's pre-season attention, and Snyder said that Barnett is being pretty humble about it, and that he knows he has earned the recognition, but now has to earn the accolades. Snyder was also asked whether Barnett was a natural leader when he arrived in Manhattan, but said he thinks Barnett developed that over the years -- and that he doesn't believe young guys are "born leaders" anyway.

The next question was who Snyder thinks of as expansion candidates, and he has no idea whatsoever. It's not his decision, and he doesn't spend too much time thinking about it. One suspects this is more a case of not wanting to really say anything. He did suggest that perhaps some schools we don't talk about might be on the table.

Kirk Bohls threw a lighter note, asking Snyder if he's thought of a second career for when his coaching career ends. He didn't really answer that question, instead focusing on the actual intent of the question, using it as a springboard to discuss his decision to return to K-State after his three-year hiatus. The usual stuff: teaching young men to be men.

The final question was whether K-State will run multiple quarterbacks this season. He says he has no intent to do so, although it certainly might happen.

One of the most telling notes of Snyder's appearance today: he looks relaxed, hale, and even younger than he has in recent years. Could he be gearing up for a longer stay than we expect?