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2015 Big 12 Media Days: West Virginia Mountaineers

"I mean, Jesus, I still like to throw the ball a little bit."

It's been a rocky road for the Mountaineers. Can Holgorsen make a statement in 2015?
It's been a rocky road for the Mountaineers. Can Holgorsen make a statement in 2015?
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Things got started right off with Dana Holgorsen, who was asked by Ben Kercheval if this year's Mountaineer defense would be his best. He agreed, noting the transition between the high-octane offense under Geno Smith to a team which may be better when they don't have the ball this year.

Skylar Howard was the next topic, and Holgorsen let it be known that West Virginia would utilize the quarterback running game more than they have in the past, and also stressed that turnovers were a source of concern and something they're working on diligently.

Asked about losing two now-NFL linemen, Holgorsen appears to think he's reloading. He's short one tackle, however, and that will be an issue heading into camp.

Jenni Carlson asked about what Holgorsen has seen that ties successful air raid quarterbacks together. He nodded back to his comments on Howard, reiterating that taking care of the football is the most important detail.

Holgorsen dodged a question regarding whether he'd continue running back by committee in 2015, not wanting to give too much away.

Asked about losses at wide receiver, Holgorsen noted that despite losing two NFL draft picks, the Mountaineers will return half their touches at the position this year after having had to replace virtually all of their wideout production from 2013.

Prodded to at least acknowledge which running back was liable to be utilized more as a receiver, Holgorsen noted Wendell Smallwood, calling him his most versatile player.

Carlson, with Clint Trickett as the hook, once again asked the contact practice days question. Holgorsen said they hadn't had a two-a-day in four years, and hadn't had back-to-back contact days either. He explained that Trickett's hits were all in-game, and that practice hadn't had any impact on his status.

Asked whether they were still a "passing team", Holgorsen offered the money quote which teases this article. He's proud of the progress West Virginia has made in the running game, but his tactics are going to depend on opposition tendencies.

The contact issue was again brought up, in relation to the spread offense. Holgorsen insists that just playing the spread doesn't imply a lack of physicality, and that a team that's not physical is going to get creamed.