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2015 Big 12 Media Days: Kansas Jayhawks

"You have to start being a pro the day you step on campus."

It's going to be a long season for former A&M assistant David Beaty.
It's going to be a long season for former A&M assistant David Beaty.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Erin Hartigan got some time with David Beaty before his podium session. Asked about the adjustment to becoming a head coach, he said "You're drinking from a fire hose at the very beginning."

David Beaty, in his opening statement, claims the Big 12 sits in the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country. That seems a bit rash, but okay.

"We've got a simple plan. I'm a simple guy." Beaty stressed his efforts to connect with Kansas high schools and their coaches, and put a strong emphasis on the expectations he has of the program and meeting those goals.

Ben Kercheval asked to what extent freshmen are going to contribute in 2015. He was non-committal, noting that it's all about effort and adaptation.

Beaty confirmed that "Working hard and earning it" is the message this team is going to abide by. He called back to the success under Mark Mangino, implying that it can be done at Kansas.

Asked about the quarterback situation, Beaty heaped praise on Michael Cummings, suggesting he might make it back this year, but they're going to try and get a hardship for him. Beaty was also asked about Clint Bowen and how easy the decision was to keep him around. Beaty seems very, very happy to still have Bowen on the staff, and said "it was a no-brainer" in regard to the decision to retain him.

Next, Beaty was asked about how much confidence it gives him that Baylor and TCU have risen to the top of the conference. Short version: a bunch.

"You have to start being a pro the day you step on campus." That was Beaty's comment regarding offensive lineman Jordan Shelley-Smith and his growth and leadership.

Jenni Carlson brought up the contact days issue again. As Beaty hasn't had to deal with this yet, he shrugged off the question by saying he'll adapt to whatever he needs to do.

David Ubben asked what percentage of the squad Beaty feels he can lean on in his first year. Beaty didn't really answer the question, instead digressing into comments on strength coach Je'Ney Jackson.

Having previously been an assistant at Kansas, Beaty was asked whether that experience helps understand the culture there. His answer public relations boilerplate about how great Kansas fans are, and how great it is to be on the same campus as Bill Self.

Beaty's first appearance was interesting. He's an engaging guy, and bursting with enthusiasm. Bleacher Report's Ben Kercheval put it best, probably: