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Kansas State Week 5: Injury Report

Key players have had nagging injuries for Oklahoma State and could be an issue for them during this week 5 match-up.

Could a rumored hand injury sideline starter Mason Rudolph?
Could a rumored hand injury sideline starter Mason Rudolph?
Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State escaped Louisiana Tech with more than just a win, they also escaped relatively un-injured as no major injuries took place during the game. Here is your update on the players who have been injured this season.

Kansas State

Boston Stiverson (OL)-Leg

As expected Stiverson missed the La Tech game, and until my eyes see differently, I'm going to assume he misses the Oklahoma State game as well. Hopefully he is able to come back soon though, as this offensive line could use the help.

Jesse Ertz (QB)-Leg

Ertz status remains unchanged as he is expected to miss the majority if not all of the season.

Dante Barnett (S)-Shoulder

Bill Snyder confirmed (for him) that Barnett will likely miss the Oklahoma State game.

Matt McCrane (K)-Leg

McCrane missed the La Tech game and with Jack Cantele kicking so well, I would expect McCrane to continue to rest his injured leg.

Alex Delton (QB)-Knee

No new update on Delton besides Robinett's initial report of his knee injury. Do not expect him to play against Oklahoma State.

Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State has been lucky in that they have had very few injuries this season, though the ones they have had have happened to key players.

Mason Rudolph (QB)- Hand

Many were puzzled by Mike Gundy's decision to fire up the QB carousel during the Texas game, as Rudolph and J. W. Walsh split more time than normal during the second half. However, it appears that was due to Rudolph suffering a "stinger" to his right hand making it difficult for him to grip and throw the ball. Given how important a QB's hand is in throwing the ball, it wouldn't surprise me to see more of Walsh at QB than originally expected.

Chris Carson (RB)-Ankle

Carson appeared to injure his right ankle during the Texas game, though Mike Gundy said Monday he expected Carson to play against Kansas State.

Rennie Childs (RB)-Undisclosed

Frenemy blog Cowboys Ride for Free reported earlier this week that Childs suffered an unknown injury during practice and will be held out of the K-State game per an unnamed source. If Carson and Childs do miss the game, expect true freshman Jeff Carr will likely get the start against the stout Kansas State run defense.

Vili Leveni (DT)Ankle

DT Vili Leveni tore his Achilles tendon during spring practice and is out for the season.