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Oklahoma 55, Kansas State DNP: Five Things We Could Have Done Instead

This was a thing which allegedly happened.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Oklahoma rolled up 565 yards of offense, and held K-State to just over 100, handing the Wildcats their worst home shutout loss ever in a 55-0 romp (h/t Scott Fritchen).

We'll repeat that: worst home shutout loss ever.

Ever. Like, since the beginning of time.

There is really very little to say in terms of a quick reaction to this nightmare. K-State was completely outplayed on both sides of the ball for the full 60 minutes. The coaching staff was completely outmatched. What few positives existed at the end of the third quarter all disappeared by the time there were ten minutes left. We'll probably have a more relevant dissection of what went wrong later. For now, we cope the best way we possibly can.

So, on that note, five things we could have done instead of watching this travesty:

1. Watched the Royals game.

As we're writing this, Alex Gordon has just doubled to give the Royals a 4-3 lead in the bottom of the seventh. See, that's what you do when you fall behind; you fight back!

2. Gone fishing.

It's a very pretty fall day, and natural sunlight is much better for the soul than the gleaming rays emitted by your massive LCD display. Also, if you're lucky you might acquire dinner. It's a win-win, really.

3. Watched a team you like that can actually play football.

I suppose I could have watched Alabama beat up on Texas A&M. That's a win-win, too; Bama wins, Chocopockets is embarrassed. Man, I make bad life decisions.

4. Gone out, gotten drunk, and gone home with a stranger.

I live in Oklahoma, so this would probably end very badly. But then, so did the game, so really would I be any worse off? I'm even afraid watching this game might have given me something incurable, so it's still a wash.

5. Repeatedly shot myself in the foot with a pneumatic nail gun.

Look, it would have been less painful, and I'd have learned something from it (namely, don't shoot yourself in the foot with a pneumatic nail gun). That would leave me one up on the K-State coaching staff, who apparently haven't learned anything this month.