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Kansas State Week 6: Injury Report

Kansas State has suffered a ton of injuries this season, while OU has remained relatively healthy, with the lone exception of their support aircraft.

This dude better stay healthy.
This dude better stay healthy.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Bumps, bruises, and worse abound for Kansas State entering the week seven match-up with the Oklahoma Sooners. Here's how the M.A.S.H unit looks for both the Wildcats and Landthieves heading into this afternoons game.

Kansas State

Boston Stiverson (OL)-Leg

At this point in the season you have to expect that Stiverson's had a pretty decent set-back in his recovery from the leg he broke in the bowl loss to UCLA to end last season. Hopefully this injury isn't the type where he suffered long term damage.

Jesse Ertz (QB)-Leg

It should be obvious to everyone watching K-State that Jesse Ertz ain't walking through that door this season. Hopefully, he recovers from the leg injury and is able to compete for a starting job next season.

Dante Barnett (S)-Shoulder

Barnett hasn't played since the opening game against South Dakota where he hurt his shoulder making a tackle. It's likely he will miss the majority of the season. Rumor has him returning, maybe, for the Texas or West Virginia game. I'll believe that when I see it.

Matt McCrane (K)-Leg

McCrane supposedly took part in the pre-game warm up with the special teams unit, but unless Jack Cantele has another huge hiccup game like Auburn, expect Jack to be the primary kicker the rest of the season

Alex Delton (QB)-Knee

This is QB number two who is hurt and likely to miss the remainder of the season.

Jonathan Banks (QB)-Mono

Banks missed the Oklahoma State game due to a bout of mono, which caused him to miss the TCU game as well. With the lingering effects of mono don't expect him to be in any position to play against OU.

Kody Cook (WR/QB)-Shoulder

QB number four finds his way on the list and you have to start wondering what sort of deal Kirk Ferentz made with the Devil to get the AIHRBG to change course and focus on K-State. AKSHQBG has reared his ugly head this year as Kody Cook injured his shoulder against Oklahoma State, which occurred after subbing in at QB for the injured Joe Huebener who was knocked out of the game with a head injury on a cheap shot tackle. Due to the injury Cook was limited in the TCU game, look for him to play at wide-out today, but don't be surprised if he has another quiet game.

Cre Moore (DB)-Suspension

Cre Moore was arrested early Sunday morning following the Oklahoma State game, and as a result did not play against TCU. I wouldn't expect him to play against Oklahoma either.

Danzel McDaniels (DB)-unknown

The Missle missed a significant portion of the TCU game, however, we are unsure whether that was due to injury or for disciplinary reason. We do know that Duke Shelley became the first true freshman to start the game since 2006, and we know that Shelley played fantastically as Boykin essentially ignored whatever side of the field he was playing. I take some comfort from having this depth, given the multitude of injuries in the secondary, which was expected to be a strength of this team heading into this season.


Oklahoma has been extremely fortunate with regard to injuries. Here's a run down of their injuries.

Devonta Boyd (LB)-Ankle

Boyd suffered a sprained ankle in the West Virginia game two weeks ago and missed the Texas game as a result. He is probable for the game this week.

Jordan Thomas (DB)-Shoulder

Thomas' shoulder was injured on a late hit during the Texas game. He has pronouced himself fine and is expected to play against the Wildcats.

Oklahoma's Charter Flight (Logistics)-Mechanical Failure

Four different planes were sent to pick up OU at Will Rodgers World Airport in Oklahoma City and all four suffered some sort of mechanical failure. This resulted in a delay of close to ten hours before the Sooners departed for Kansas. Finally, in a valiant effort, one of the planes overcame their mechanical problems and did their job. This allowed OU to land in Manhattan at approximately 11 pm a full 15 hours before kick-off. You always have to admire a player who can play through the pain and put forth the effort to win...or in this case deliver an entire football team safely to their destination.