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Sooner Chaos: Oklahoma's Trip to Manhattan Beset by Technical Turmoil

The Wildcats could catch a break this weekend, as Oklahoma is suffering a travel disaster.

No word on whether this is the pilot.
No word on whether this is the pilot.
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners are still hanging around at Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport. That's significant, because the Sooners were supposed to have already had their Friday walkthrough in Manhattan.

Dean Blevins, former Sooner and current television sportscaster, has all the gory details.

Okay, so there was a mechanical problem. So they'll just get a replacement plane -- wait, what?

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

So apparently the entire OU traveling party, except for the media, is packed into a closet or something.

We're sure that the Sooners will have a pleasant flight, knowing they're getting on a plane which just got fixed... in a city 600 miles away.

Seriously, this is awful for Oklahoma, and you've got to feel for them. But it could also be a huge break for K-State tomorrow.