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Halftime: Kansas State 35, TCU 17 - IS THIS THE REAL LIFE?

We're so confused. We don't know what to do with our hands.

Forward, forward, ever forward...
Forward, forward, ever forward...
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports


That is the total offense for the two teams playing at Bill Snyder Family Stadium, and the second number belongs to TCU, 85 yards of it on one play.

Yes, EMAW, K-State is punching TCU right in the teeth, and this is really happening. Five rushing touchdowns have staked the Wildcats to a three-score halftime lead, aided by an Elijah Lee interception (caused by a Marquel Bryant hit on Trevone Boykin), lots of dumb penalties on the Frogs, and Joe Hubener running for over 100 yards in the first half alone -- looking, quite frankly, more like Michael Bishop than Collin Klein.

Buckle up, folks. Even if the defense starts sagging in the second half, the narrative has now switched:

Can TCU keep up with K-State?