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2015-16 K-State Men's Basketball

Follow all of Bring on the Cats' coverage of K-State basketball in 2015-16. Can the team recover from the disaster of 2014-15?

K-State at Kansas: How to Watch & Open Thread

Come here to join in the online banter during tonights game.

Men's Hoops Preview - K-State at (7)Mythical Birds

K-State floats down the river for round one of the intrastate rivalry.

K-State at Kansas: How to Watch

An up and down season is probably about to trend down again. But we can hope!

Historical Reasons Why K-State Can Beat Kansas

Gracey explains, using history, why Wednesday's trip to Lawrence isn't a foregone conclusion.

Kansas State 69, Mississippi 64; Stokes injured

K-State is now in second place in the SEC.

Ole Miss at K-State: How to Watch & Open Thread

The NCAA just officially charged Ole Miss with violations, so you know what to do, student section.

Men's Hoops Preview - K-State vs. Ole Miss

A very winnable game in the Big 12/SEC Challenge.

Featured Fanshot

Stats by color!

The good news about all those numbers? They are color coded and really pretty. The bad news about all those numbers? Very few of those columns show Kansas State in favorable light. What are some of the surprises of stats across the conference you see?

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Wikipedia #WaybackWednesday

So is this Wiki entry something like a prophecy? The time of the tweet was from the collapse of Kansas State's being left out of the March Madness tournament for the first time since 2009. The state of the basketball program is confusing to me since Weber seemed to flourish early in the season with an impressive battle against North Carolina. What do you think the problem is this year?

K-State Hoops Recap: K-State 55, West Virginia 70

Second verse, same as the first. Cats drop another on the road.

K-State at WVU: How to Watch & Open Thread

We can only hope the referees tonight have been trained to call goaltending.

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West Virginia: Master Level Trolls?

While most college sports outlets would be publishing game previews and things to inform their fans about the other team's strengths and weaknesses...West Virginia seems to take it to a whole new level! Reading closely at the paper, the page encourages Mountaineer fans to check out their Twitter pages, citing beef with former basketball teammates online and even going as far as giving out the Twitter handle of a Kansas State player's girlfriend. Gotta love college sports, nothing quite like students getting this riled up for the Kansas State Wildcats coming to town.

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Into statistics? Check out these numbers for tonight's matchup!

If you are anything like me, stats hurt my head. All those numbers and MAN there are so many of them! While these are just some fun stats to check out before the game tonight, it is easy to spot the differences between this high performance West Virginia team and Kansas State's thrown together style of play. The good news? Kansas State has a stellar 3 pt defense, rolling in at an "A+" for that category. Here is hoping that the confidence from the complete domination of Oklahoma State helps the Wildcats on the road tonight against West Virginia!

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Kansas State Celebrates 2016 Legends weekend

With an exciting showing against Oklahoma State, the 2016 Men's Basketball Legends Weekend was a success for all of those involved. Here is a highlight video of the weekend's highlights including an on court appearance by all involved. The weekend seemed to be less hyped up than previous Legends Weekend events, but there was still a strong showing of former Kansas State legends. Very fitting that I attended the game since I refer to myself as a former Kansas State legend... myth... whatever. Check out the video and enjoy the win over Oklahoma State before we are back on the road to face West Virginia tomorrow night!

K-State Hoops Recap: K-State 89, Oklahoma St 73

Solid execution on both ends of the floor lets the Wildcats cruise to victory.

OK State at K-State: How to Watch & Open Thread

Direct Message to staffers and colleagues in Manhattan: we're not responsible for any bail money.

Men's Hoops Preview - K-State vs. Oklahoma St.

A battle of teams trying to stay out of the Big 12 cellar.

K-State Hoops Recap - K-State 72, Baylor 79 - 2OT

Double-overtimes are not our friends.

K-State at Baylor: How to Watch & Open Thread

On the bright side: Scott Drew, right?

Bring on the Podcast with Cowboys Ride For Free

The managing editor of CRFF joins us to preview what we're expecting to be a very ugly game on Saturday.

How good is K-State's 3-point defense?

We dive deep into some numbers and try to determine if there's really something about Bruce Weber's defense that forces shooters to fare poorly from beyond the arc.

Shackleford flips to Texas, Everything is Horrible

K-State's two marquee programs took it on the chin this weekend.

K-State Hoops Recap - K-State 63, Iowa State 76

An opportunity the Wildcats weren't ready to grasp.

Iowa State at K-State: How to Watch & Open Thread

A visit from our agrarian brethren leads off a doubleheader.

This stream has:

K-State Basketball Game 17: Iowa State

Toothy McBirdthing descends on Manhattan, and we've got you covered.

Men's Hoops Preview - K-State vs. (17/18) Iowa St

The Cyclones are taking their lumps in the conference slate so far...can K-State take advantage?

K-State Hoops Recap - K-State 83, Texas Tech 70

K-State rides a good shooting night to its first conference win of the season.

Texas Tech at K-State: How to Watch & Open Thread

Think positive thoughts.

This stream has:

K-State Basketball Game 16: Texas Tech

Join us for all our coverage of the Red Raiders' visit to Manhattan.

MBB Preview - K-State vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

The Wildcats return home still hoping to find Big 12 paydirt.

K-State Hoops Recap - K-State 76, (1/2) Sooners 86

The Cats show no quit after getting the doors blown off from the tip.

K-State at Oklahoma: How to Watch & Open Thread

An 0-3 start looms. Can our scrappy young squad pull off a surprise?


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