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2015-16 K-State Men's Basketball

Follow all of Bring on the Cats' coverage of K-State basketball in 2015-16. Can the team recover from the disaster of 2014-15?

K-State Hoops Recap - K-State 70, Texas 71

One of the Wildcats' best late game efforts still wasn't quite enough in another disappointing home loss.

K-State Hoops Preview - K-State vs. (25) Texas

The Longhorns are a prime opportunity to, at this point, begin locking up an NIT bid.

Texas at K-State: How to Watch and more

If the Cats are going to make some noise, it has to start right here, right now.

K-State Hoops Recap - K-State 63, (2) Kansas 72

A 17-point second half hole is tough to overcome, regardless of the fight inside.

Kansas at K-State: Open Game Thread

Remember, the real enemy wears a suit.

K-State Hoops Preview - Q&A with the Jayhawks

We take a moment to gain some insight from down the river.

Sunflower Showdown: How to Watch

Indifference is the opposite of love.

Bring on the Podcast w/the KC Star's Jesse Newell

The Star's new veteran beat writer admits to a Big 12 conspiracy involving referees at Allen Fieldhouse. Or something like that. Maybe. If you put some words together out of context.

K-State Hoops Recap: K-State 63, TCU 49

Kansas State gets off the schnied by taking care of business against an over-matched TCU team.

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Kansas State's NCAA Bid

So this is interesting news from Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports. According to him, we only need eight Big 12 wins to get a tournament bid, and since the last three of five games are at home...You're saying there's a chance! Check out more from our writer, Luke Thompson, about the tournament here.

K-State at TCU: Open Game Thread

Gather 'round, one and all. K-State looks to end its road losing streak in Fort Worth.

Tournament Tuesday: Is the dream dead?

K-State reduced its margin for error to basically zero with a dud of a week, but games against the first and last-place teams in the conference give the 'Cats a chance to get back on track.

K-State at TCU: How to Watch

No, this game will not be played in a high school gym this year.

Men's Hoops Preview - Kansas State at TCU

Tonight we discover who wore purple the best.

Adele Songs as Kansas State Conference Games

If you've ever wanted the musical world of the 58th Annual Grammy Awards and Kansas State Men's Basketball to collide...this is what you've waited for!

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Start your Monday with some number crunching!

The always on top of stats @ksu_FAN has presented us with another update of Kansas State's per 100 possession and shooting stats. Is this hopeful? Depressing? Both? Let us know what you think below...

Cats Lose to Cowboys in Ugly Game

Things were so very ugly in Stillwater on Saturday afternoon.

K-State at Oklahoma State: Open Game Thread

The season may well hinge in this one game.

K-State at Oklahoma State: How to Watch

Let's try to help ensure T. Boone eats the rest of Travis Ford's contract, shall we?

Baylor smothers Kansas State 82-72

Ice cold shooting from the Wildcats dooms them in the Octagon.

Baylor at K-State: Open Game Thread

K-State gets a chance at two straight home wins over ranked team. This time it's the 19/21 Baylor Bears visiting Bramlage.

Men's Hoops Preview - K-State vs (19) Baylor

K-state welcomes the highlighter green Bears to the unfriendly confines of the Octagon.

Baylor at K-State: How to Watch

For the second time in four days, the Cats welcome a ranked team to Bramlage.

Could the OU win jumpstart the drive to the tournament?

With both the men and women beating OU, you have to wonder. Will the OU win propel both teams to the Big Dance?

Tournament Tuesday: K-State can do this

These Wildcats have surprised most of us by reaching this point, so maybe it's time to start believing they could traverse the treacherous road ahead and make the Big Dance.

Down Goes Number 1!

K-State grabs their first signature win beating Oklahoma 80-69

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Wesley Iwundu brings the hammer down, K-State leads by 6 at half

The final basket of the first half, as Dean Wade dishes to Wesley Iwundu for a thunderous alley-oop dunk to give the Cats a 38-32 halftime lead over the top-ranked Sooners. Get thee to the game thread, reader!

(1) Oklahoma at K-State Open Thread

K-State gets its second shot at the Oklahoma Sooners today. This time, the Land Thieves visit Bramlage.

(1) Oklahoma at K-State: How to Watch

The top-ranked team in the nation is coming to town. Can the Cats notch an upset?

Bring on the Podcast with Jordan Esco

The managing editor of The Football Brainiacs joins us to talk about Signing Day for the Sooners, plus K-State's big home test vs. the No. 1 team in the country this Saturday.

Men's Hoops Recap - K-State 59, (7)Kansas 77

A road game in hostile AFH was a just a bit more than K-State could chew.

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Thursday Stats!

For those of you that enjoy some number crunching, here are some excellent stats showing performance at the halfway point in conference play.


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