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K-State Hoops Preview - K-State vs TCU: War of the Purples Part 2

It can't possibly be uglier than game one....right?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This is it. The last (regular season) home game for K-State for 2016. And for graduating seniors Justin Edwards, Stephen Hurt, and Brian Rohleder this is potentially the last home game in their collegiate careers. So lets home these guys, and their younger teammates, come out with some fire to go out the right way...obliterating an opponent at home.

Know Your Opponent

TCU (11-18, 2-14 Conference, #140 Kenpom #171 RPI) is basically the same team that the Wildcats saw in their first matchup just a couple weeks ago, a game the Wildcats won 63-49 for their first road Big 12 victory on the season and first conference road win in over a year. TCU hasn't won a game in that span (of course, neither have our Wildcats), and has dropped in the rankings accordingly.

No need to re-invent the wheel here, since neither team has changed much in two weeks. If you want some more stats (or if you want to see what basketball derpitude looks like on paper), you can check out KSUEMAW!'s preview of the game on Feb. 15th.

Key To The Game

Second verse, same as the first: Find a way to win

K-State needs to go out, knock down some shots, and be able to get Brian Rohleder on the floor for a couple non-foul minutes. These guys just need to figure out to send their seniors out with a victory and keep their very slim post-season hopes alive. A win tonight means the Wildcats will be able to stay just above .500 on the season, even with what is looking to be a very tough game coming up this weekend in Lubbock. So go, boys, and fight for your Alma Mater.