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Kansas State vs Iowa State Second Half Thread: The Tacklening

Well, that was depressing. Let's see if we can become un-depressed.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Tackle. Tackle the man with the ball. He will not fall down just because you bump into him; this is not a video game. Use your arms. God gave them to you for a reason. Do you understand? It's not that difficult. You've been doing this your entire life.

K-State has outgained Ipwa State by almost 100 yards. They have more yards both passing and rushing. The difference: timeliness. A long drive ending in a field goal because the run was abandoned. Horrible coverage on a punt return. An awful pass interference penalty. (Well, two, if we're being honest, one on each side of the ball.)

If the defense can't get it together in the second half, though, this game is already over. Worse, the Auburn game becomes an attempt to avoid a rout rather than a solid opportunity to score a signature win.

This is your second-half thread. Try not to drink anything poisonous, and please secure your firearms in a safe and inaccessible location.