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NFL season opens: How K-State, Big 12 players stack up

225 current NFL players come from 6 schools.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL regular season kicks off, a hat tip to the 11 Kansas State Wildcats who are listed as active members of the National Football League.

- Glad you asked where that ranks in the Big 12. See the bottom of the post for my unofficial tally.

- It pains me that Bryce Brown is part of that, but hey, numbers.

- Again, unofficial, but my quick count also showed LSU (41), Alabama (40), Georgia (37), Miami (36), Florida (36) and Florida St. (35) make up the top six. That's 225 players from six schools.

- One of K-State's next NFL'ers should be back to a full-time role this weekend against the hapless Iowa St. Cyclones.

- In other words, Tyler Lockett might see, what? Two and a half quarters?

- I'd be fine with that.

- Regardless, his head coach made it clear again this week that it's not the name on the back of the jersey that matters most.

- The offensive line jostled around last week, guys we've never heard of caught touchdowns, true freshmen chased down sacks.

- Just system, baby.

- While the machine plugs along, the human side to sports is alive and well with the update we received about young true warrior Kaiden Schroeder.

- He was the amazingly fun little guy who scored the spring game touchdown and has developed the unique kind of impactful relationship with Ryan Mueller that folks many times never get to experience with another human being.

- On the whole, remember that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

- We all are fully aware at how some pretty hyped up names didn't see the field against Stephen F. Austin.

- If we don't see D'Vonta Derricott and Terrell Clinkscales at all this week, then I start to wonder just a bit.

- I'm just not a full believer in the "secret weapon" theory.

- Not showing a full scheme is one thing; not playing at all, even in a rummy game, is another.

- Health and any disciplinary action aside, of course.

- Bring on the Cats needs you to be disciplined in setting your clocks Friday night to wake up early and join us at The Granfalloon at 10:30 a.m. this Saturday for the watch party.

- See you there!

How the Big 12 stacks up in the NFL (current active members from ESPN list as of 9/4)

Texas 29
Oklahoma 28
Oklahoma State 18
West Virginia 16
Texas Christian 12
Baylor 11
Kansas State 11
Texas Tech 8
Kansas 7
Iowa State 4

Ten more I found interesting: Notre Dame (31), Oregon (29), Auburn (25), Stanford (25), Iowa (23), Illinois (21), Missouri (20), Boise St. (17), Connecticut (17), Fresno St. (14)