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BOTC Round Table: Lockett up?

How much should Tyler Lockett play against Iowa St.?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

After a Week 1 whitewashing, you wouldn't think there would be a ton to talk about regarding the Kansas State Wildcats. Well-el-el, friend, you're wrong.

After all, Derek did suffer his first real-life Snyder'ing ...

What were your biggest takeaways -- one positive and one negative -- from K-State's second spring game of the year last Saturday?

Jon - Positive: The Wildcats can throw the ball, and very effectively, even with Tyler Lockett on the sideline. Negative: The other team can throw the ball, and very effectively...

TB - Positive: We have two running backs who can, ya know, run with the ball. Combine that with Jake Waters' accuracy, and K-State had almost perfect yardage balance against SFA.

Negative: Pass protection was mediocre. Three sacks against an FCS team that's not North Dakota State is kind of a lot.

00 - Positive: K-State's offense is more than just Waters-to-Lockett. It was nice to see the ball being distributed to various places on the field.

Negative: I am genuinely concerned about the defense's susceptibility to the big play. SFA could not really cash in, but some of our other opponents could torch K-State with the big passing game.

"I think [Lockett] absolutely has to play at least a half. He needs to go at game speed so he can be prepared for those games where we need him for sixty minutes."

- Positive: I can't say enough how amazing it is that, in today's limited scholarship game across the land, this team's depth is so good. Negative: The sample size wasn't big enough to know if early pass coverage breakdowns are going to be a thing, but it didn't feel good to watch.

The schedule says this weekend is a Big 12-caliber game, and it's in a place where K-State has had its share of weird things happen in the past. Are you letting history affect what reality may be suggesting this season with regard to the Iowa State Cyclones?

Jon - No. Look, I like the Cyclones. Their fanbase is my favorite in the Big 12. They never take things too seriously, and they're always fun. But that team is bad. They got obliterated Saturday. If North Dakota State can rack up 500 yards of offense, what do you think K-State's going to do?

TB - I'll countenance the possibility that North Dakota State is a really good team. Perhaps even a top 30 or 40 team (again). But Iowa State got annihilated, they've lost their best offensive lineman and their best wide receiver. K-State should handle this game like it did last year.

00 - I love Iowa State and think that hiring Mangino was a great idea. I'm usually nervous about K-State's chances in Ames. But not this year. With the key injuries the Clones suffered against North Dakota State, I don't see this game as a huge stumbling block, though it would not surprise me if we struggled for the first quarter.

Kitchen - No. The end.

If the Cyclones wind up being little more than a gentle breeze, how much or how little playing time is good for Tyler Lockett?

Jon - I think he's got to play at least a full half, if for no other reason than to get reps. And some stats. He's got to get some numbers on the board.

TB - I'm not as worried about numbers, but agree on the reps part. Playing the full first half should be expected.

00 - I think he absolutely has to play at least a half. He needs to go at game speed so he can be prepared for those games where we need him for sixty minutes. If the Iowa State game is well in hand by halftime though, I can see pulling him for the rest of the game.

Kitchen - Let him get a couple of touchdowns, or at least have four or five balls thrown in his direction. If the game is decidedly over by that point, pull him. If not, then we're going to see three quarters, I bet.

What tops your Wildcats Week 2 wishlist?

Jon - I want to see the defense avoid giving up so many big plays. It's not that the yardage they were giving up was critical in the moment, but it just looked bad. Need to lock that down before Auburn.

TB - Better pass protection. Let's keep Waters upright on all passing plays this time.

00 - I'd like to see Waters not run the ball, except as needed on a broken pass play. It's not that he's a terrible runner. It's just that I'd rather not risk Waters getting injured. He's not quite the battering ram that Collin Klein was.

Kitchen - Offensively, no injuries. Defensively, I'd really like to see the JUCOs who didn't play last week; better overall  assignment completion; and about four sacks in any combination from Kansas City guys.

Bonus: As we read some of Derek's postgame play-by-play of Bill Snyder Snyder'ing the media upon being asked about Lockett, on a scale of 1-10, how palpable was the fear in Derek's reporting?

Jon - Oh, at least an 8. I'm pretty sure he rushed straight out of there to Wal*Mart afterward.

TB - Off the charts. Immeasurable.

00 - On a scale of 1 to 10? 20

Kitchen - Dude, Derek went Spinal Tap on that bad boy and hit 11. It's understandable, and I have the utmost faith that he'll clean himself up and be ready to go the next time it happens.