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College Football Week Five: Thursday Night Open Thread

Some decadent match-ups to hold over your football appetite until Saturday.

"This 'Kingsbury' character tires me... Oh Tyreek? Come hither!"
"This 'Kingsbury' character tires me... Oh Tyreek? Come hither!"
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Surprisingly, this season has offered some weeknight games that would be watchable even on a Saturday. This week is no exception, with this year's first Big 12 South (R.I.P.) matchup as well as a game featuring two top-15 teams. No need to fret, though; there is still the usual why-is-this-on-national-television type game we have all come to know and love. But tonight there is also a multitude of reasons to look the other way like any self-respecting football fan. If you're like me and will try anything on the buffet just because it's there (you have to get your money's worth), you will find where to watch all three games tonight below.

Time (CST) Away Home TV Line Watchability Index (1-5)
6:30 PM Texas Tech #24 Oklahoma State ESPN OKST -14.5 4 (Big 12, yaah knooo)
6:30 PM Appalachian State Georgia Southern ESPNU GASO -17.0 1
9 PM #11 UCLA #15 Arizona State FS1 UCLA -3.0 4

Tech has not given me anything to believe they are a good football team, but you never know, I guess. 
This is not even close to the same Appalachian State that beat Michigan. It's more like the Appalachian State who is a 17 point dog to Georgia Southern, who is actually fairly respectable this year. They only lost to NC State and Georgia Tech by a combined five points and  put up 83 points on Savannah State, which comes out to about 267.3 when converted to Big 10 basketball points.
Even though the rankings suggest UCLA is the better team, I am not convinced. But more power to them if they can indeed beat a solid Sun Devil team by three on the road.